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6 façons d’être un voyageur responsable et respectueux de l’environnement

"Éthique", "durable", "Éco-Friendly" et "responsable" sont des mots à la mode que nous entendons jetés autour de beaucoup ces jours-ci, et pas plus quand il s’agit de Voyage. Nous sommes constamment invités à être « responsables » lorsque nous voyageons et soutenons des pratiques écologiques, éthiques et durables.
Lisa Marlin

Lisa Marlin

This is also something that more and more travellers are becoming conscious of; wanting to make sure they are not harming the environment, people, or countries while enjoying their vacation, but what exactly does it mean to be a responsible traveller and how do you put this into practice?

Here are our top 6 tips on how to travel responsibly and eco-friendly in 2020.

Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations

This is also something that more and more travellers are becoming conscious of; wanting to make sure they are not harming the environment, people, or countries while enjoying their vacation, but what exactly does it mean to be a responsible traveller and how do you put this into practice?

Here are our top 6 tips on how to travel responsibly and eco-friendly in 2020.

Support Local Businesses

Another great way to be responsible when you travel is to simply pay attention to where you are spending your consumer dollars. 

Every time you choose accommodation, a place to eat, or a tour or activity, try to choose a business that is locally owned rather than an international corporation. This means that your tourism dollars will stay in the local economy and benefit the people in the country you are visiting rather than the profits being sent overseas. 

This also is a much better way to immerse yourself in the local culture of a place than visiting the same businesses and eating the same things you would when you’re at home.

Minimize Your Waste

This of course is a great rule for any time, not just when you are travelling. However, you will also find that during vacation you seem to generate more waste than normal, collecting plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam containers seemingly from nowhere.

This can easily happen because you are eating out all the time, running around seeing things all day, and away from your normal routine and regular eco-friendly supplies. However, with a little attention and a little planning, you can avoid this and minimize your waste while you are away. 

Pack reusable bags, drinking bottles and food containers and bring these with you. Look for eateries where you can sit and eat your meal, rather than taking you meal in a disposable container, and be ready to fervently refuse plastic bags and straws in countries where these are overused.

Try to Avoid Any Tours or Activities with Performance Animals

In many places it is common to see tours and other activities involving animals, such as elephant rides, or posing for a picture with a tiger. 

You can try to search for those operators who treat the animals well, but the simplest way is to avoid any activity which involves animals. After all, many of these activities are inherently cruel to animals, and there are much better ways to see the local wildlife, such as on a nature walk.

Prioritize Support of Local Organizations (Not Child Beggars)

Unfortunately, a common site in particularly poor countries is child beggars. You may be asked by a child as young as three for some money while you are walking down the street, or if sitting at a café. 

In some places, it is even custom for children to beg at cars stopped at the intersection. In such cases you may very think the right thing to do is to give the child a few coins. However, despite the best intentions, this is generally a bad thing to do, because it encourages children to beg rather than going to school or playing, and reinforces the cycle of poverty. 

Additionally, these children are usually sent out to beg by unscrupulous adults who will take the money from them anyway. If you’d like to help the children and the community in general, it is much better to make a donation to a reputable local charitable organization.

Offset Your Emissions and adopt "Green Initiative"

Travel, particularly air travel, always involves producing greenhouse gas emissions. It is an unfortunate reality that if you want to fly across the world, you will be contributing to the global climate problem. 

Luckily, airlines have made it very easy these days for us to do something about this. Now when you book just about any flight all you need to do is check the box marked “offset emissions” and a moderate fee will be added to your booking, which will then go to offsetting the amount of carbon generated by your flight.

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